Activity Newsletter

Ms. Sassu's Pre-kindergarten class

Our New Topic

This year we are trying to focus on all aspects of learning in creative ways. This will help the children expand their knowledge of the core subjects, but also develop their social skills and their creativity skills. Our class chose zoo animals as our new topic and have many exciting activities planned. I started off by letting the children draw their favorite zoo animals and informing them on different kinds of animals

Our Ideas

Our math project will benefit our active learners, our visual learners, and our auditory learners. It will also help our children's hunger! We are going to creating a snack consisting of pretzels, peanut butter and animals crackers. making the pretzels stick to peanut butter acting as cages, and put animals inside the cages and counting as we go along

Our science project will help the students learn about the difference of species and which animal belongs there. Using paint and cardboard, the children will be creating masks (whichever animal they please). With these masks we will be grouping them so they can understand the concept and differences between the different types of animals.

The social studies project is going to be a little more challenging. I want the students to understand that the zoo animals are not only in there to look at. The children are going to learn about endangered species and their habitats. We will discuss how their habitats change and why they are changing.


It would be greatly appreciated if you could kindly provide your brilliant new students with the following materials:

  • glue
  • a scrap piece of cardboard (preferably a piece that is not too damaged)
  • pencils/pens

Thank You!

I am very excited to start this interesting new topic with my students. It will be fun-filled with a lot of learning! Your help and encouragement is greatly appreciated!