8/31/2020 Naquag News & Updates!

Hello Naquag Families!

September is almost here! We are excited as teachers "officially" being this week to finalize planning for our upcoming remote instruction. Thank you for your questions in last week's survey. An updated FAQ's list is included in this week's Smore/School Messenger communication. We're here to help you! Although we might not know all the answers at this time, please be assured that we will share any and all updates as soon as they become available through School Messenger / Smore Communication emails. We appreciate your continued collaboration and understanding as decisions are being made continually. Please submit your question(s) below on the “Parents’ Questions Survey 8/31/2020.

Stay well and healthy,

Principal Estes

Parents’ Questions Survey 8/31/2020

Your Questions From 8/24/2020 Parents’ Questions Survey:

- When does remote instruction begin? Remote learning for the WRSD begins Wednesday September 16 for all students.

- What is remote instruction? Remote instruction includes teachers teaching online through different learning platforms. In the District, grades K - 2 will be using SeeSaw. Grades 3 and up will be using Google Classroom.

SeeSaw is a classroom management, central hub learning platform that organizes lesson materials, assignments and communication. Seesaw offers a simple user interface for our younger students that organizes lessons into “activities” and allows teachers to easily view each student’s “portfolio” of work. This classroom management platform will be used for Pre K to Grade 2 students and teachers. Seesaw will be fully integrated with Clever’s single sign-on and automatic rostering. The Clever “dashboard” is the universal landing spot that will be used for SeeSaw and Google Classroom. Additional Clever and SeeSaw information will be shared with parents.

This fall, DESE (MA Department of Education) has stated we must have specific time on learning minutes/hours. Our teachers definitely understand that our K - 2 children have shorter attention spans than those in higher grades. During a typical day of instruction (in the past), teachers would implement as many multiple teaching strategies as needed to help our children stay on task. They will continue to utilize these strategies during remote instruction; our goal is to mirror instruction from the past for remote instruction. We will focus on exactly "how" during the upcoming PD & planning days for teachers.

- What will remote instruction look like? I'm sharing a sample schedule for our K - 2 students. SAMPLE SCHEDULE Please keep in mind that each grade level has two teams (of 2 or 3 classrooms). The Specials (related arts - art, music, PE) time slot will be different for each grade team. We have two teams for each grade level.

Morning instruction will focus on ELA (reading, writing phonics), Math and a Special (Art, Music, PE). The afternoon will be a mixture of learning opportunities including ELL (English Language Learners), RTI (Response to Intervention), Title 1 services, small group instruction, independent learning and an additional Special (Art, Music, PE) block - a continuation of the AM Special. Teachers will be planning the specifics during the 10 PD days before school begins on 9/16.

- What is the timeline for hybrid instruction? At this time, hybrid instruction will begin for Kindergarten and First grade students on November 17. For Second Grade students on January 4. Please note: The District may change these dates depending on Covid 19 data.

- What is hybrid instruction? As of now, the District's hybrid instruction model will have two cohorts. Cohort A (half the students) attend school on Mondays and Tuesdays and Cohort B (other half of students) attend school Thursdays and Fridays. Wednesdays will be remote learning for all while the building is sanitized. Please note: On Mondays and Tuesdays Cohort B will have remote learning. On Thursdays and Fridays Cohort A will have remote learning. At this time, your child hasn’t been placed in a Cohort. More information will be shared as we approach the hybrid instruction dates. Presently, we are concentrating on remote instruction.

- When will we know what days our children will attend school for hybrid instruction? We're currently concentrating on remote instruction procedures. Our central office will share this information as soon as a decision has been made.

- Are children required to wear a mask to school? The District's reopening plan (page 33) includes the State's guidelines "State Guidelines - on pg. 2":

"Masks are among the most important single measures to contain the spread of COVID-19. We require students Second Grade and above and all staff to wear masks that adequately cover both their nose and mouth. Whenever possible, students in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 1 who can safely and appropriately wear, remove, and handle masks should do so. Exceptions must be made for students with medical, behavioral, or other challenges who are unable to wear masks/face coverings." If possible, we recommend that all students wear masks. Teachers will schedule safe mask breaks throughout the day as needed, following recommended safety distances.

- Will teachers' instruction be synchronous and will attendance be dependent on it? Excellent questions! These details are being finalized at our central office. More details & information will be shared once confirmed by our central office.

- Can one device be used for multiple children during remote instruction? I am checking with our IT administrator and will share the information once received.

- What happens if your child is in Title 1? Will they receive extra help if they qualify? The final details of Title 1 are TBD. If Naquag is identified as a District Title 1 school, the children who were in Title 1 last March, will receive Title 1 services this fall.

- Will parents be allowed to do remote for the full year? Yes

- Can IEP services be remote if the parent requests? Yes

- Wednesday afternoons will be half-days for teacher and staff PD. (WRSD Calendar & Exceptions)