You must grow...or you will go!

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Grow or go?

Wow! Seems so extreme, but when you stop and think about it...really think about's true. There isn't one living thing that stays the same. All living things grow and change.

I remember when my great grandmother passed away. She was my great grandfather's whole world. They did everything together--all day, every day. When she died, he was completely lost. He would sit in his rocking chair all day, staring out the window at my grandmother's favorite spot in the garden. Despite all our efforts to try to get him to be with family or friends, he continued to sit in that chair all day, every day for weeks. When we would call him or stop by and ask how he was doing, he would say, "I'm just sitting here waiting to die." As a middle school student, I thought that was so ridiculous for him to say. I recall telling my mom that he needed to get out of his house because no one can just sit and wait to die. But guess what? Only five months after my grandmother passed away, my grandfather joined her. An elderly, but healthy man had fallen asleep in his rocking chair one night and never woke up.

Although the example of my grandfather is an extreme one, I certainly believe in the power of positive thinking. I've seen great things happen when people with a growth mindset are faced with challenges.

If you are interested in learning more about growth mindset, you'll find some great resources listed below that have been shared with me. As spring turns to summer and we watch our students "grow and go" to the next grade, we can find ways to grow as educators also!

Fixed vs Growth--which one are you?

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Books on Growth Mindset