Henrico County

April Bishop and Zaliah Harden

Square Miles & Population

Henrico County has a population over 300,000 and is about 245 square miles.

Rural or Urban?

Henrico is both rural and urban. If you live on the West end then you live in a more rural area and if you live on the East end then you live in a more urban area.



There are many types of careers in the state of Virginia but in Henrico some might be:

  • Teaching
  • Nurse
  • Doctor
  • Actress
  • Technician


County Departments

!!!!!FUN FACTS!!!!! Q&A

Q:How old is Henrico? A: Henrico was established in 1634 making it 380 years old

Q: where did the name come from A: it was named after Henry ,the King of wales