Tech and Art project

By: MD.Nizam Uddin

Explanation: Tech and Art project

I am working on a motor fan which allows you to run with battery and This Idea was school-wide problem because during the hot days school heater stay on, they never turn it off, it get really hard for us to stay cool and the class that provides fan it not enough for everyone because it usually stays at one of the 4 corner of the room and not everyone be able to get air from the fan, that's why I created my own little fan.

History behind Motor fan

“The electric fan was one of the most important electric inventions of all time. The fan is a building block of other more advanced technologies. Fans are necessary for computers, lasers, large LED lights, petrol and electric automobiles, the space station, and countless other things.”

Why I made this fan?

I came up with smaller versions of motor fan that run with battery, So I can carry it with me anywhere I want, the reason why I make is and inspired me to make it because hot warm day at school I get really sweaty and because school fan is always at one of the 4 corner of the room and if you sit on others corner you will not able to feel the air, So I came up with old mind from childhood.( I did this in my childhood, this is just prototype which not the actual one). Art behind it is the design of the structure and I will not probably color it but I will make it nice.