mutated vegtables

chapter 1 the attack

i was playing my computer then kassaidy rang up and said ahh help vegtables are attacking ME! so then i rid my bike to kassaidy's house then jessie ran out of her house screaming GET THEM OF ME! then suddenly a tiny cupcake ran out of the house screaming HELP! then i got kassaidy and jessie inside the school then we hid in our class room.

chapter 2 back to school

i said this door will not hold any longer then jaymie jumped through the window into the classroom so then we hid in the storage closet. a olive squeezed through a gap so jaymie threw it then we ran down the coorer door to the car park then hugh and lisa came out of the canteen then jessie got tooken away so i started the car and drove to the nearst airport.

chapter 3 to america

jaymie suggested we can go to america and i said me and hugh will drive and then we found a plane then we drove the plane to america and we landed in lego land and kassaidy said why dont we go to paris

chapter 4 the vegtable tower

we started to fly to paris then we found jessie in the kitchen she said i got in another car then went into the plane she said i just went to get something to eat then the plane started flying i said lets go to the ifle tower and kassaidy said its probably infested the eiffel tower already

chapter 5 bad idea

when we got to the eiffel tower it was to late a giant pumkin got there first so we ran up the stairs but some flooring fell of and jaymie almost fell but i helped her up then it grabbed every one exept me and then it ate my friends so then i ran up to the top and then i remeberd i had popping candy in my pocket then i threw it in its mouth then BAM! the Pumkin EXPLODED into popping candy and everyone was back to normall and at least we had a free holiday