2P Sunday Snapshots and Newsletter!

March 7 - 18, 2016


  • St. Patrick's Day! We had fun celebrating St. Patrick's Day! We wore green mustaches and drew our own leprechauns while listening to some Irish music.
  • Cultural Arts Assembly: At a whole school assembly, we listened to excerpts from Vivaldi's Four Seasons and learned how to identify the different parts of the music.
  • Chromebooks! We continue to find ways to incorporate the Chromebooks into our work. We have a "Question of the Day" and also give students the choice of using the Chromebooks to do their Word Work during the week. Students who finish their math early also have the choice of practicing their math facts on one of the educational websites.
  • Sport Stacking: Thanks to a grant written by Mr. G and others, each classroom at TJS has received two sets of Sport Stacking Cups. These are a great addition to our Indoor recess resources. They reinforce focus and concentration, fine and gross motor skills, right and left brain activation, along with other benefits.

Reading and Writing

We are continuing with our non-fiction writing and are starting to publish our research. We thought about how to create attention grabbing sentences for each of our paragraphs and came up with some GREAT openers! We have about two more weeks in this unit and during this time will re-write our rough drafts and create an index, title page, and glossary.

We are also continuing with Charlotte's Web as our read-aloud. We are using this to model skills that the students should be using when they read their own books - stopping and pausing, re-reading when confused, making a movie in our minds, etc.


We have started our unit on Mental Math and Estimation. We have first been learning that "sum" means "add" while "difference" means "subtract". We have also been learning additional strategies for addition and subtraction. For example, when finding the difference between 63 and 7, an alternative strategy might be to subtract 10 and then add 3 (63-10=53; 53+3 = 56.). For addition, when finding the sum of 37 and 8, an alternative strategy would be to add 10 and then subtract 2 (37+10 = 47; 47-2 = 45.). In this way, there is no regrouping involved and the actual math is simpler. We emphasize with the children that these strategies are simply another tool that they may or may not choose to use. We want them to use whichever strategy makes sense and works for them.

We are also learning how to round to 10 and then estimate an answer. We can then use this estimate to check our work.


We are finishing up our Simple Machines unit and have explored the screw and Handy Dandy household tools and how they are versions of a simple machine - fork, spatula, tongs, scissors, and knife. We will be closing out our unit next week.

Teaching Team:

Suzanne Pelkey (Classroom Teacher), Carolyn Rommeihs (Special Education Teacher), and Doreen Patrone (Teaching Assistant)