hurricane katrina

Alexandra Brown

Hurricane Katrina people

Hurricane Katrina, one of the deadliest hurricanes to hit the U.S . It killed 1,836 people, 1,577 people from Louisiana and 238 from Mississippi. Those 1,836 people were left homeless across the gulf coast and New Orleans.But there could be more being that 705 are still missing and we still haven't found everyone affected in the hurricane.

the damage

The hurricane caused $108 in damage. Also affecting 15 million people by evacuating homes,gas prices, and the economy suffering. $81 of the $108 was property damage.The hurricane impacted 90,000 square miles.
Remembering Hurricane Katrina | TIME Remembers

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Crazy facts

  • the water from the hurricane turned black from all the dead bodies that were in the water
  • The surge was 20 ft (6 meters) high
  • It formed 200 miles from the Bahamas
  • costliest hurricane in history