Great Features of Latin America

Physical Features, Environmental concern, Government and Eco

Some Major land features of latian America

The Sierra Madre Mountains are many separated yet related mountain ranges that run along the coasts or run through Mexico. They extend from the northwest Mexico to southeast Mexico. The Sierra Madre occidental runs along Mexico's west coast and the Oriental runs along the east coast. There is also the Sierra Madre del sur which runs along the southern coast of Mexico. The mountains can be from 6,000 to 12,000 feet high and there are many canyons within it. There are also many deserts as well, but an excellent example is the Chihuahuan desert. It covers a medium size section of northern Mexico and southern U.S. The desert receives very little rain due to its neighbors, the sierra Madre Oriental and Occidental which block clouds and precipitation from going inland. This may cause the land to being very little civilize so there are very few urban areas and the largest is Ciudad Juárez with only about two million inhabitants. One place I want to see is Pico Torqunio which is the largest mountian in the Sierra Maestra mountian range, located in Cuba.
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This is the Pico Torqunio mountian.

Environmental Concerns

In Venezuela there are many lakes, the third largest being lake Valencia. It was formed 2-3 million years ago by the constant damming of the Valencia River. It is also one of the most concerning, in Venezuela the lake Valencia is very polluted. Mainly from the frequent waste water being put into the lake from neighboring urban areas and industries. To make matters much worse the waste water causes an excessive amount of algae blooms. This problem has killed almost 60% of the fish species in the lake! This mass extermination only happened through 1960 and 1990, meaning 2% of the fish were lost each year. This is why I have some ideas. One of which is to put a strict policy on the lake making it so every company must file and prove that their waste is being disposed of the proper way. And if they can't prove it then their company must pay a heavy fine. Another idea is to start installing waste water treatment facilities in the nearby urban areas that way their cities are more water efficient and lake friendly.

Cuba's government

Cuba has an interesting government to say the least, and the choice of leader isn't really my own but... it's not like I live there. The leader of Cuba currently is Raul Castro who claims he is president in his country but truly no matter how much he says that it is still a dictatorship. And honestly I think it just makes it worst that they claim he is a president and he is obviously a dictator. I f you did not know already the type of government is dictatorship.Being "president" in Cuba is for life and is only lifted until they are ill or dead. One horrible problem is citizens food, the problem starts with the government being complete communists. This makes them control everything for each person, including food. So the government rations out each families food, and giving them very small amounts. Not only that but the wages set by government rise according to food price making it so no matter how many raises you get you still can only afford the same amount of food. This makes it so an occasional visit to the black market is required. It is needed so much that it has been said that "you cannot survive and comply with the (Cuban) law at the same time".

Brazil's economy

Brazil has a pretty good economy and here are some details. For starers I think it is valuable to know about its trading partners, there is China, U.S, and Argentina as top three trading partners. The literacy rate is pretty good as well at 92.6%, and the GDP 2346.12 for 2014 (I could not find it for any of the latest years). But what I found pretty interesting was that Brazil's biggest export is iron ore. But what is even more strange is that their biggest import is refined petroleum. Where they export a large amount of crude petroleum, but why don't they refine it themselves?
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