Wayne Williams

By: Maggie Pitney

About Wayne

Wayne was born May 27, 1958 and raised in the Dixie Hills neighborhood of Southwest Atlanta, Georgia to Homer and Faye Williams. Both parents were teachers. Williams graduated from Douglass High school and developed a keen interest in radio and journalism.

Wayne conviction

Williams first became a suspect in May 1981 when a police surveillance team, watching a bridge near a site where victims' bodies had been discovered. Two days later a 27 year old man body was turned up in the river, Police theorized that Williams had killed Cater, and that his body was the source of the "loud splash" they heard as Williams' car crossed the bridge. Williams subsequently failed three polygraph tests, and hairs and fibers from another victim's body were found to be consistent with those from Williams' home, car, and dog. Co-Workers had said they have seen Wayne with scratch marks on his face and arms right around the time of the murders. He was arrested on June 21, 1981, for the murders of Cater and 29-year-old Jimmy Payne.The trial began on January 6, 1982 in Fulton County. During the two-month trial, prosecutors matched 19 different sources of fibers from Williams' home and car environment—his bedspread, bathroom, gloves, clothes, carpets, dog and an unusual tri-lobal carpet fiber,to a number of victims.Jury found him guilty on February 27 to life in prison. Mr. Willams keep going asking for retrials but the federal court denied him ever time.

After the trial

Once the trial was over, law-enforcement officials declared their belief that evidence suggested that Williams was most likely linked to another 20 of the 29 deaths the task force had been investigating. DNA sequencing from hairs found on different victims revealed a match to Williams’s own hair, to 98 percent certainty. But that 2 percent doubt was enough to prevent further convictions. Wayne was convicted off of the evidence of the different type of fibers matching on the victims witch help them solve the case.