Kepler 16b


Our planet 'Tattooine'

Kepler 16b has a diameter of 67,303 miles and is 65 million miles away from its sun. The average temperature is -150 to-94 degrees F. The length of day is unknown but the length of the year is 229 days.

Can Kepler 16b sustain life?

Well First thing is that it is very cold so you need to bundle up or find technology to help you stay warm. The planet has a lot of gas but if we found new technology to turn gas into oxygen it would be fine. Also the is not much gravity so you would need heavy clothes or heavy shoes.

Fun Facts

Kepler 16b has no moons and no rings. If I lived on kepler 16b I would be 17. Kepler 16b is about 200 light years or 10 trillion km away from earth. If a spaceship could travel .1 C it would take 2000 years to get there.