by Patrick Mchugh

Bach the musician

Bach was one of the most well known classical musicians. He wrote many concert pieces for different instruments and played many himself. The popularity of Bach was immense as he wrote and even influenced Mozart. This musician wrote many songs played in churches and on the classical station today.

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Early life

Bach was born on March 21st, 1685 in Eisenach Germany. He came from an already musical family. So right from the start he learned the basics of playing and writing music. He was the youngest of 8 siblings and everyone in the family could play or write music.

Bach's parents died while he was 10 and he moved in with his older brother at St. Michael's church. There he studied music and was offered a scholarship to study at a rich school.

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Musical accomplishments

Bach was an accomplished musician who did many things during his life. He was dedicated to music and earned his scholarship to music school. Which allowed him to write compositions like the Six Sonatas. He didn't just compose he taught many young musicians and played in his own concerts. He was a musical great.

Bach's family life

Bach being the youngest out of eight, was often embarrassed and shown up by his older siblings. His parents died early so Bach lived with his musical cousin and studied. He later married and had children. Tragically his wife died in 1720, 30 years before Bach would most of his children would never reach adulthood.

Bach today

Bach died long ago but, his work lives on. Many of his compositions are played in churches today. Many pieces of his work can be found on Youtube or other sites. Bach is still an inspiration to musicians today.