Enchantment of Ciutadella de Menorc

Enchantment of Ciutadella de Menorca

There may only be 15000 locals in the quaint town of Ciutadella, the former capital of Menorca Island but there are lots of tourists coming in throughout the year to enjoy the fine Mediterranean climate and warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Ciutadella was Menorca’s capital when it was under the Moorish rule until the 18th century. This former capital was the epitome of exquisite buildings with its plentiful aristocratic architecture and palaces that brought it fame and glory. Today, the Spanish state has declared the town to be a National Monument to be cherished for its rich heritage.

Enchanting offerings

There are many aspects of Ciutadella de Menorca which make it attractive to tourists. The local customs and traditions are deep rooted and highly interesting with an active indulgence that delights visitors.

The many fiestas and festivals celebrated at Ciutadella are considered an amazing feat with plenty of color, pomp, music and festivity. One of the best fiestas in town is the San Juan festival with the ‘el Jaleo’ component; this is where an impressive medieval equestrian performance is showcased with colorful medieval costumes.

Ciutadella is different from Mahón, the new capital of Menorca; Ciutadella is set up as a typical Mediterranean town that sports a labyrinth of colorful narrow clobbered streets that make it quaint and interesting. Visitors enjoy strolling down these lanes leisurely to make some delightful local discoveries; present or past.

Major attractions

There are plenty of attractions in and around Ciutadella; they include the local port which offers a most picturesque environment with its natural landscapes and a steady stream of yachts and boats coming and going.

There is the wide La Contramurada Boulevard located at the same site as the ancient town walls. The heart of the town is Plaza de Born which has an obelisk structure in the local park to remind the locals of the 1558 attack by the Turks.

The National Museum is opened to the public with the exception of Sunday to view the interesting archaeological collections that include medieval objects and Moorish epoch artifacts.

There is an impressive 14th century Cathedral that is built on the same spot of a previous Moorish mosque. The cathedral has been modified a few times in the 19th century to showcase the best of its Gothic and Neoclassic architectural styles.

Seis Voltes boasts of beautiful alleys that come with white-washed walls and arcades while exquisite mansions are also found in town. One of the interesting sites in Ciutadella is the pre-historic tomb at Naveta des Tudoms.

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