Robotics Weekly

It's high-tech every week!

Changes over time

Robotics have changed from the past to the present. In the past, the first robotics machine

was a UNIMATE assembly line tool to make cars and other things. Also, Mars Phoenix Landers started back then as robots to identify Mars' rocks and minerals. Now in the present, we use X-rays, robotic helping crane hands, and we still use Mars Landers, Except more modern ones.

Tools being used

Some of the many tools being used in robotics can be shown down here as things you will have to remember what to do! There are 3D printers, prototyping machines, oscilloscopes, generators, soldering machines and power supplies like wires.

Rules of robotics

Listen to this part, folks! There are certain rules to know before building all willy-nilly! Make sure you're coding into the machine right, or it'll malfunction and break. Also, everything must be wired up if needed to, because it needs all the power to work! Finally, remember to test it before showing it to the world.
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