advice from the princess of love

gracie peschon

In need of help

Dear Princess Of Love,

i have read your column for years, but i never thought i would be writing you. i've tried going to meetings of "women who love too much" but im still hurting, so i thought maybe you could help me. My problem is that the guy i love doesnt want to be in the same room with me he cant even look at me. he likes my friend instead of me. What do i do? O please help me! what do i do to get the one i really love to feel the same about me? Please send me a letter of some of your wonderful love advice, so my broken heart wont ache any more.


Broken hearted.

Response from the princess of love

O' how i love to help people who need to turn that frown upside down. These are some ways for you to get over this boy.

the first advice that your going to hear is, you shold try finding someone else who likes you back. The only bad thing about this you wont be able to. The only bad this plan is you wont be with the guy that you have loved from the beginning, but the positive thing about this plan is you would be able to get over Demetrius.

the second advice of the day is to run away. It would let you get away from all of the problems. The only problemo is you wouldnt be able to see your famil. Just always look on the positive side of things, like maybe you would be able to meet new people and make new friends,or maybe you would find some place with really cute guys.

Remember find a new guy who treats you like your a princess. Never think about what if or the bad things, just think about the positive and good things that could come out of the situation. I wish you good luck and let your heart lead the way!


The Princess Of Love