Social Worker

By: Jenna Lux

What do they do?

Child and family social workers protect vulnerable children and support families in need of assistance.Social workers help people solve and cope with problems in their everyday lives. One group of social workers, clinical social workers, also diagnose and treat mental, behavioral, and emotional issues.

What would be my salary?

Starting salary would be $11.14 an hour and more experienced would be $19.33 an hour.

Education that I would need

You would be needing a Bachelor's degree in order to be continuing this job efforts. You need a bachelor's degree in social work(BSW), it is the most common requirement. Majors in psychology, sociology, and related fields may be qualified for some entry-level jobs. A masters degree in social work(MSW) is required for positions on health settings and for clinical work. Some do require advanced degrees but is not necessary for most jobs.

Skills I Need

You will need to have a high level in reading, listen actively, writing, speaking, science, thinking critically, active learning, monitoring, and learning new strategies. Math is one too but it is on the lower end of the skills you would need.

Demand for this job?

There is at least 173 job openings in the state of Iowa. It is a stable job that will still be opened after I have graduated from the required programs. It is about 24% growth each year in demand for this job.

Potential for advancement

I feel like I do have enough potential for the advancement of the job. I am very quick with learning and capable of retaining information that I am needing. The next advancement of a social worker would actually become a special needs teacher. With this job, there isn't too much in demand but it will be allowing you to get more money and work less hours throughout the weeks to come.

Where would you find this job?

There is many opening jobs in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, and the Des Moines areas. In the state of Iowa, there is a lot of demands on this job. Even more than any other state. This is because of the offerings of the schools that we have. Public schools are allowing students with disabilities come in and learn from the same point of view as must students would be.

Duties and Responsibilities

You would be responsible for the child to learn and motivate them more than anyone else would be able too. You will be sitting in each class with them making sure they are writing down what is needed to be written down, understanding what the subject is about, and making sure that they will know and comprehend each lesson that is being taught by the teachers. You are pretty much being a teacher to them. Making sure that they are learning and being engaged into the life and schooling as other children.

Why Chose this career area? What interests you about it?

What schools can you go too? and How much will they cost?

University of Chicago (Chicago, IL)

The School of Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago is ranked as tied for #3 by U.S. News & World Report and as #1 by thePrinceton Review‘s “Gourman Report of Graduate Programs.” The School of Social Service Administration is one of the oldest graduate schools of social work in the country.

The AM degree from the School of Social Work Administration is equivalent to an MSW, but has a wider educational and experiential foundation. It combines direct social work practice with interdisciplinary research, policy development, and social science theory. The school prepares students to become leaders in the human services field by fostering a commitment to social and economic justice.

The master’s degree program provides a strong foundation in policy, as well as direct practice with families, individuals, communities, and organizations. Students select a clinical concentration or a social administration concentration. The School of Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago provides two elective options: clinical practice and social administrative. usually around $84,320 With a degree

University of Michigan- The MSW program prepares students to serve society at the local, state, national and international levels. The faculty includes internationally recognized experts. The comprehensive Master of Social Work degree program offers nine concentrations. Students choose a concentration in a practice method and a practice area. around $75,600