New Gators Rock!

Everything you didn't know you needed to know!

Now that things have settled down a little...

I've been wanting to share some info with you "newbies" to our gator family but I know how hectic the beginning of the year is. Please take some time to check out some of the awesome resources we have available to you!

Book Room

In room 231 in the Media Center (the first door on your right when you come in the library) we have a TON of leveled books and videos for you to use. The wall on the right in that room is entirely dedicated to small group and class sets of books.

They are arranged by the letter and each set of books has a label detailing the Lexile Level, Fountas & Pinnel Guided Reading Level (similar to Reading 3D levels), and AR Level.

These sets can be checked out just like library books!

For a complete listing of these books, that you can sort and search, click the link below:

Learn 360

Learn 360 is a site containing TONS of education videos and resources to go with the videos. As a Stories Creek teacher you are able to create an account where you can search for, save, and play videos to go with your lessons. Click the link below to create your account and get started!

Link to Register your Teacher Account

Click HERE to download a Quick Guide that will help you learn the basics of Learn 360.

Learn360 Promotional Video

Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr.

Stories Creek has a subscription to both BrainPOP ( and BrainPOP Jr. ( These are GREAT sites full of educational videos on every topic! Click the link below to view a sample video below fromBrainPOP Jr.

To log in to either site use the info below (you may also share this info with students):

username - storiescreek

password - gators

BrainPOP also has a great Educators Community with lesson plans, activities, and much more! Explore it here: BrainPOP Educators Community


Destiny is our library card catalog. You can search for topics, authors, titles, etc. and find out what we have in our library! Just visit click on Stories Creek and then click catalog to start searching.

A couple tips -

If you find a title that sounds good you can click on it to find more details

You can make a list while searching (feel free to print it and put it in my box or email it to me and I'll pull the books for you!)

Take note of the call # under the title - this is what they stand for

  • E = Picture Book in the Easy Library
  • FIC = Chapter Book
  • ### (i.e. 597.3) = Nonfiction
  • SET = Small Group or Class Set of books (in the book room)
  • PL = Primary Library (the section closest to the doors - K-2 level books)
  • VID = VHS or DVD (in the book room)
  • AUD = Audio book
  • EBK = eBook

Lindsay Stetson

Starting a new unit or topic?

Email me and I'll pull books and find resources for you!