Johann Gregor Mendel

The Founder Of Physics and Genetics

Early Years

Johann grew up on a farm in what in now the Czech Republic. His family was poor, so they couldn't afford school. At a young age he was labeled as a gifted child, and sent to a boarding school in Germany. He tutored other students to pat for school. After univerisity he became a monk. He lived and worked in the monastery. He studied whenever possible. He failed exams many times. He decided to go back to school and studied botany, zoology, and anthropology. After finishing getting his degree he went back to the monastery. He took the exam again, he failed.

What he did.

He was a monk. He was also a scientist. He was a botanist. He founded genetics. He also word in the field of heredity. He did many experiments on pea plants. He studied the passing of traits in pea plants. These experiments took place in the garden in the monastery. In his experiments he used over 10,000 pea plants in the time he worked on this. He wrote a paper on plant hybrids.

What happened

Other people didn't know what to think. Scientist doubted him and his studies. After he was done with his studies he became a teacher.