English Department Chairs Update

8 December 2015

Literacy Beyond the English Classroom

We participated in an activity that incorporated all four parts of our literacy framework. We considered the essential question listed below in the grapple section. We read part of an article called "Textmasters" and used Sensible Sentence Highlighting to interact with it. We collaborated through the use of my favorite protocol ever, called Save the Last Word for Me. In the write section, we chose from some typical texts and planned a lesson using a GICW template.

ReadWriteThink even has the parts of this article reworked as a lesson plan. It is a science lesson, but you might want to check it out...or share it with a science teacher on your campus.

: How does teaching literacy differ from teaching English?

Interact: "Textmasters" and Sensible Sentence Highlighting

Collaborate: Save the Last Word for Me--a protocol that ensures equity of voice

Write: Choose a text and create a lesson plan using a GICW template.

I was not able to link the article "Textmasters," so if you want a copy of it, just email me.

I Hate Hamlet!

Actually, I love Hamlet, but there's a TU production coming up in January that promises to be very fun--especially for students who have read the Shakespeare play. Hint: the ghost of John Barrymore makes an appearance.

It's called I Hate Hamlet.

Students can attend free on January 29 at 10 AM.

If you can get them there, they can go for free,

but you do have to call and reserve the seats.

Call Sandy Plaster at 918-631-2566 for reservations.

January 15

If your school is not doing PD at your site on January 15, you will want to head over to Edison High School and choose your sessions. The topics to choose from will include:

  • GICW parts I and II
  • Literature Circles
  • It's not WHAT We Read. It's HOW We Read.
  • Not Your Momma's Grammar (grades 4-12)
  • Google docs and other technology sessions

Check with your principal to see if you are expected to be at your school or with district PD that day...and sign up for your sessions on My Learning Plan. The schedule should be ready as soon as we get back from Winter Break.

Ayn Grubb

in the Office of Curriculum and Instruction