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September 23, 2018

Dear GRE Families,

This past Friday we met in our Eagle's Nests for the first time. Nests consist of a mix of students from all grades K-4. During our nest time we talked about being a Respectful Listener which included listening to a story about a very rude Interrupting Chicken! We also watched videos created by our Intervention Staff to show us what Respectful Listening looks like and what it does not look like. Finally, we practiced Respectful Listening with our Eagle's Nest buddies. It was a blast! Older students really stepped up and supported our younger students. It was amazing to see the connections being made and it was fun for staff to work with students at different grade levels. I hope you enjoy seeing some of the photos from this amazing event. We will meet in our Nests again in October.

Today is the Big Nut Strut and you can still sign up! Here is the schedule for this exciting event:

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm - Registration begins at General Rosecrans Elementary School

2:00 pm - 5K run/walk and 1-mile walk begin!

3:00 pm - Awards

This week is Homecoming week! I have loved learning about all of Big Walnut's traditions and can't wait to see GRE representing in Friday's Homecoming Parade. Below you will find the schedule for Spirit Days leading up to Friday. Students and families are welcome to come walk with the GRE float. Our theme this year is "The GREatest School" and the float will be decorated circus style. Students are encouraged to dress like clowns or other circus performers to go along with our float's theme! Families joining may dress up too or wear red and gold to show their Eagle Pride! Bringing candy to throw is optional.

The line up location is on Burrer Drive, which is the road between the Sunbury library and Whit's. The parade goes through the square and ends at the High School. The parade line up starts at 5:00 and the parade begins at 5:30. Students must have an adult with them if they are planning to be in the parade. A small group of pre-determined students will ride the float. We can only accomodate 1 student from each class on the float but can't wait to walk with the rest of our students on the parade route.

Happy Homecoming Big Walnut!

Kate Thoma

Principal, General Rosecrans Elementary

Big picture

A Few Important Reminders:

1. This is the last weekend you can sign up for Eagle Extension. If we do not have enough participants, we may need to close some sessions. Be sure to check out these great opportunities by clicking here. This session will run from October 1st-November 16th.

2. Our first round of Parent Teacher Conferences will be held this Thursday from 4:00-8:00. Conferences will be 20 minutes in length. We appreciate your help in making sure our teachers are able to stay on schedule. We will have two additional nights of Fall Parent Teacher Conferences, October 18th and November 19th. If you are not set up for a conference time yet, your child's teacher will be reaching out shortly.

3. GRE PTO is sponsoring dinner for teachers on the nights of Parent Teacher Conferences.The first opportunity to donate is this Thursday, September 27th. Our theme for the dinner is going to be "We APPreciate our GRE Staff" and the dinner will be heavy appetizers and desserts. If you are willing to contribute click here to access the Sign Up Genius.

4. Child Check is an educational screening for children ages 3-5. This screening is provided by Big Walnut Local Schools and is free to families within the Big Walnut School District. The purpose is to provide parents with information regarding their child’s development in: Speech andLanguage Skills, Gross/Fine Motor (Large & Small Muscle) Skills, Basic Academic Concepts, Vision and Hearing. For more information, click here.

Specials Spotlight: Art with Mrs. Doran

This year students kicked off the year with a new, special project, from Art to Remember! Art to Remember gives you the opportunity to purchase keepsake items with your child's artwork on them. Each student at GRE has been working over the last few weeks in art to create their piece of artwork… be on the lookout for more information & order forms at the beginning of October!

Kindergarten students are learning about lines! We have been practicing drawing lines and using their special names to describe them in our works of art!

-Ask your kindergarten student if they can find 5 different kinds of lines in your home!

1st graders are currently reviewing different kinds of lines & how artists use them in their artwork! Students were able to demonstrate all the lines they know in their quilt paintings.

-We are especially focusing on the directional lines (vertical, horizontal & diagonal). Ask your student if they can show your these line with their arms!

2nd graders are learning about the artist Kandinsky (can-din-ski) & how he is inspired by music. Students listened to a song with a variety of instruments & and painted what they heard.

-Ask your 2nd grader if they remember what Kandinsky's special gift was?

3rd grade students are learning about the art of Mary Blair, who was an animator who worked for Walt Disney. She is most well known for creating the ride It’s a Small World. Students are creating buildings/castles/cities in her geometric style!

-See if your 3rd grader can tell you 3 characterics of Mary Blair’s art work!

4th graders have just started their Day of the Dead calaca mask designs. Students were introduced to this holiday & then began designing their own symmetrical mask of their choice.

-Ask your 4th grader if they can share an interesting fact they learned about the holiday?

WANTED: Egg Cartons & Newspaper!

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @GREartroom

Important Dates

Sept. 23: Big Nut Strut-You can register onsite today!

Sept. 27: Parent Teacher Conferences 4:00-8:00

(*By Invitation from classroom teacher, more opportunities coming!)

Sept. 28: Homecoming Parade

Oct. 4: Mumkin Pick Up

Oct. 5: 2nd Grade Field Trip

Oct. 11: PTO Meeting 6:30pm

Oct. 16: Picture Retakes

Golden Spatula Award Winners

Congratulations to our winners for the week of September 17th.

First- Mrs. Branham

Second- Mrs. Okoneski

Third- Mrs. Pharazyn

Fourth- Ms. Restucci

Who will win the "Golden Spatula" this week?

Take a quick peek to see how exciting the Golden Spatula giveaway is!
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