Calling All Christians

The Central Teachings of Christianity

Christians believe in one god. They see God as three beings in one; The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. This union is known as the Trinity. The Father is God. The Son is Jesus. The Holy Spirit is a comforting spirit that guides you. These three holy beings make up God.

Practice of Religion

Christians believe that Jesus had died for their sins and they pray in a church with the holy bible. The bible contains two sections. The Old Testament and the New Testament. They also believed that Jesus was the son of god. Most times Christian's go to church on Sunday to pray because most Christians believe that Sunday is the Sabbath day and it must be kept holy.

The Sacrament

The Sacrament is when the Christians do a religious practice with bread and water/wine. So, at Church, people serve bread and water to other people to renew their sins. The bread represents Jesus's flesh and the water or wine represents his blood.

Jesus's Death

The Christians believe that Jesus died for us so, we can repent or be forgiven. He suffered and died for us. The Christians honor his death and his suffering. He had nails hammered into his hands and feet and was hung on a cross. He remained on the cross until he died. Three days after his death, he rose from the dead for a short time.


Christians celebrate Christmas which is when Jesus was born. It's when Jesus's parents Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem and gave birth to Jesus in a stable. In Christmas family gather in churches to retell the story and sing songs.Another holiday is called good Friday and that's when Jesus was crucified. Many churches have services on good Friday and mourn Jesus suffering.


Christians also celebrate Easter which is the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus. Another name is Lent. Lent is when Jesus was in the wilderness preaching and he fasted (not eating.)


Since Jesus had died for our sins, when your a baby they sprinkle water on your head to wash your original sins away. Sometimes they do it when you're older but instead of sprinkling water on your head, they dunk you in water.
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