Building a Brand for a New Artist

Social Media the New Press Kit

What the Industry is Seeking.

Today’s music industry if you are not bringing something new or creative then you are nothing but a replica of the media saw yesterday. More than ever talent alone will not get you the big record deal or record sales you are searching for, the fans want more. The first thing you have to create is your brand, that something about you that makes you different and that the audience can easily recognize. For that reason it is important that an artist establishes a brand or unique image that allows them to stand out from the thousand of artist looking for that big break.

Find Out More on What it Take

The entertainment industry has changed and they want to know if they can sale your story or image more than being able to sale your sound. True you do need to sound somewhat good but any imperfections can be corrected by the latest recording technology. The most important part is you and your brand, how can we sale you to the people. The best way to measure this today is by your social media footprint. A good example of an overnight social media success is the artist Soulja Boy, who gained a number 1 hit that went platinum in 2007. Building a social media presence and awareness is key to establishing a long lasting brand as an artist in today’s industry.

As a trained engineer and Orlando producer who believes in the power of music and

good entertainment. He holds an A.S Degree in Recording Engineering, B.S in Entertainment Business. He has spent the last few years managing a couple local artists by the name of Traxx and Maverik. In addition, he has been working with local artist showcasing events and promotions. His experience and inside knowledge has gained him a better understanding on what it new artist need to do before stepping into the music industry.

Learn more about how to take the right steps to building your brand as a artist by attending his webinar on October 18th at 7pm.