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Saint Nicholas Day

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Saint Nicholas day is celebrated on December 6, but often shoes are set out on December 5. Shoes are used to hold treats and gifts that are given to children by Saint Nicholas. People set out socks, shoes, bags, and even stockings for Saint Nicholas Day.

Who was Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas was the patron of many different things; seamen, brides, the hungry, scholars, children, and many more. He had very wealthy parents, but they died when he was just a kid, so he used the inheritance money on the hungry and the poor. Saint Nicholas was generous with his wealth, sharing with who needed it the most.


In different traditions, St. Nicholas had different companions, some that were good, some that were bad, and some that simply helped carry St. Nicholas's stuff. Companions such as Krampus, in the Alpine countries, were demons that devoured the bad children. But companions such as the donkey in France and Belgium is known to carry the overflow that St. Nick cannot.

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