Nord's Newsletter

Novemeber 16-20, 2015


Reading will be a little lighter but still our focus will be on point of view. Students will need to recognize the point of view of a poem is the narrator's thoughts about events or characters. We will read some limericks and free verse in both whole and small groups. As we finish out our last story for this unit, the students will have more practice with finding and discussing the similes in text and having fun with some alliteration too.

Weekly Schedule


We will start Unit 4 on Monday and it will cover Measurement and Geometry. Here are some of the main areas of focus this unit.
  • measure to the nearest half inch
  • represent and interpret data on a line plot
  • explore geometric attributes of polygons and classify quadrilaterals into categories bases on their attributes
  • identify and measure the perimeters of polygons

Have your child keep practicing their basic facts in the evenings.

**In the photo, Thomas and Cooper are playing the game Name that Number.


The students had a lot of fun building their incline plane. They had to investigate how to make their toy car travel the furthest distance. Some groups tried various heights and a couple figured out the friction from the carpet slowed the car down and used text books at the end of their ramp to have a smooth surface for the car to travel on.

Blue Ribbon Award

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We were able to watch Dr. Carenza, Ms. Ohland and Ms. Raisch-Roam accept Webster's Blue Ribbon Award on Tuesday. The students were cheering as they called our school name. Pretty exciting stuff!!
Monday: Music
Tuesday: Art & Library
Wednesday: PE
Thursday: Music
**Skate Party at Skate North from 6-8PM.
Friday: Guidance & Guidance