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Friday, January 29, 2016

Championships Are Won During Practice

You PLAY the way you PRACTICE

Most everyone knows that I enjoy running and competing....ok, I enjoy running and winning. I'm very competitive in that sense. But running is a hard sport. Winning doesn't come easy. Every athlete has had their fair share of long, grueling practices, cold ice baths, and moments right before a big race or game where they had to keep their nerves in-check or all that hard work would be out the door. Athletes have to learn to manage and cope with high, stressful situations and yet stay focused on the goal at hand....winning the race/game. Back in the days, I could hold my own on the mile-relay team but most of my success came from the 800 and 1600 meter run. Longer races that required more patience and focus. Since my races required two to four laps, I made sure to always have someone calling out my 200 or 400 meter splits to help make sure I was keeping my pace. This was a technique that my coach used during practice to help make sure that I finished as strong as I started....if not stronger. I can honestly say that practice was never my favorite time of the day, but I understood the importance of my workouts and how everything I did was very intentional and designed based off my race times. Every runner on my team had specific times that they were expected to run during practice that was based on off their previous race pace. I didn't realize it back then, but everything was data driven! Coaching athletes is the same as teaching our students. It's about knowing your athlete and building relationships with them. Training them to stay focus and to build their stamina even when they think they can't keep going. Keeping them motivated when the season gets long and letting them know that we are in this together. Using and trusting the data as our compass to drive the practices/instruction and staying the course even when we fall off pace. Yes, it's hard work. Yes, it takes time. Yes, it can be frustrating at times. Yes, it's the most rewarding thing in the world to see and feel the success!

I know that we are coming up to the time of the year were everyone is getting tired. The last few days have been too cold to go outside, so our students haven't had much of an opportunity to get their energy out. We have been working hard and going strong. This is the point of the race where we can't lose our focus or get "locked" into a comfortable pace. We have to keep pushing!! My coach's favorite saying was, "monitor and adjust." He expected me to monitor the flow of the race and then make adjustments to my pace and placement so that I didn't get boxed in or start chasing a "rabbit runner" that would kill my finish. He trained me up!!! And it didn't matter how many races we won, how fast we ran, or how many medal we took home....there was always room for improvement and the need to keep our skills sharp.

Don't let yourself get "locked" in a comfortable pace. We have to monitor and adjust. There are always new things to learn, ways to improve, and adjustments we need to make. We need to stay sharp and on-top of our game. Take advantage of your Circle & TPRI data. Run your percentages. Compare it to your iStation data and see if anything stands out. Where are our strengths and weaknesses as a class....with our individual students? What targeted skills do we need to address? How do we need to address them? What resources do we need? Is there anything that Krystal, Stacie, Sarah, Janie or I can help you with? We need to be very specific and intentional with our instructional time which means we need to be prepared and ready to tackle the specific needs of our students through differentiated instruction. We have to be prepared for both our accelerated and struggling learners. Let's get trained up and go coach our kids!! They deserve nothing less! WE CAN DO THIS......YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

~Looking Ahead~

Mark Your Calendar!


2: Bowers will be out in the morning

3: T-Tess Meeting (Teachers only @ 3:15)

4: Planning Day

5: 100th Day of School for EVERYONE!!! Have fun!!!, Staff Luncheon

8: SST

9: SST, Valentine Pictures (students must be in dress code) / GR Workshop @ 3:15

10: SST, Valentine Pictures (students must be in dress code)

12: Kinder Valentine’s Party / HS Field Trip to Perot Museum

17: Tooth Fairy Visit @ 1:00

18: HS Circus @ 6:00

23: Kinder TELPAS Calibration in computer lab @ 3:30

24: Guided Reading Workshop @ 3:15

25: Pre-K Circus @ 6:00

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February 3: Dawn Hawkins

February 6: Maria Cordero

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February 15: Kelsey Duncan

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February 28: Mona Roberts

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