Freedom of Religion founded with Slavery

William Penn and the land

Mr. William Penn received the land from King Charles II because of the large amount of debt the King owed William's father. When the land was given it was the largest piece of land given to an individual of the time. So you could say the reason Pennsylvania is here today is because of debt.

Quakers Haven

I decided to immigrate to the new colony called Pennsylvania because I wanted a place where I was free to practice my religion. I grew up quaker in a very religious family so Pennsylvania is the best place for me to be, and so I set off in 1683. When I arrived I was pleased to hear of the good relations with the Indians, and that the area had been planned out. I decided to settle in an area with an a large quaker population, but the village over was Swedish, and the next was Anglican. The diversity here was something new to me and actually really liked meeting new people with different perspectives on issues. Pennsylvania was growing at a very rapid pace and expanding further than I had ever imagined. The economy was thriving giving everyone good profits to choose their lifestyle. When it came to work I owned a tea shop in town but others in the colony were indentured servants, I did come in contact with a few who were working for their passage into the new world. These people were typically farmers and worked for the land. However, slavery began to show up within the colony. I was very upset with the new idea because all good Christians would never allow another man to be put through that harsh and despicable life.

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