Happiness is the Key to Life

Why Happiness Should Rule the World

Why Happiness Should Rule the World

Happiness should rule because that would make the world a better place. It would let everybody be cared for, even the people who have disabilities. No one would get thrown out on the street and left to die from sickness like the yellow fever outbreak in 1793. For more information on yellow fever, I suggest you read the book Fever 1793. That's how I learned about yellow fever in the first place.

What Happiness Is

Happiness is the feeling you get from doing anything you enjoy. From baking cookies to traveling to Paris, happiness can come to anything big or small.

What You Can do to Help

Spread the word!

Tell people to always try to be helpful and happy. You can also tell people about this flyer.


Spread a smile on your face like a true Hufflepuff! (Harry Potter)