MTT's Wide Variety of Poems

By: Matthew Trudeau

Life is Like Poem

Life is like sleep
Full of Dreams
Full of Adventures
Full of Terror.

Nightmares haunt us,
and destroy us.
Dreams uplift us,
and build us up.

Life is like sleep
it is enjoyable,
you don't want to leave it
but it has to end eventually.

Band Class

Trumpets playing loud and sharp
each note bouncing in & out of your head

Clarinets creating a sound unlike any other
piercing your eardrums with music

Flutes making a beautiful sound
that rings in your ears

French horns playing many different notes
High, Low each with a different pitch

all of these instruments, and many more
creates an outstanding rhythm of

Ode to Sushi

Sushi, raw fish, seaweed, rice
all mixed together
creates a taste unlike any other
with so many rolls

California roll. dragon roll, spicy roll
all sorts of rolls
each a different sensation
each with a different feeling of taste

First bite, delicious
second bite, a sensation
third bite, tastes like love
final bite, you wish you had more

Sentence Poem

I went on a bike ride
I went on a bike ride with my friend Jacob.
I rode bikes with Jacob to get food.
I rode bikes with Jacob to McDonald's.
I rode bikes with Jacob to end my hunger.

Sense Nature Poem

Green Grass, and Large Mountains
Birds Chirping through the Howling Wind
The Pure, Fresh Air
The Fruits that Grow on the Trees
The wind Washing over my Face

Friends Poem

Friends they come and go
They disappear to the shadows
But, this one friend was much, much more
a person to always follow.

She walked away to the shadows one day
she disappeared, she vanished
I miss her so, a beautiful girl
by the name of Janet.

She may be gone, but that o.k.
I don't have to full of sorrow
I'll find a new friend, some one just as great
there will always be tomorrow.

Dr.Suess Drawing Poem

Rhymes, Rhymes, Glorious Rhymes
Like Hop on pop, or cat in the Hat
Each book has so many lines
Dr.Seuss is the best and that is that

Matthew Trudeau Future Acrostic Poem

Making good Money

Author as Hobby

Takes family on cool trips

Tries my best to keep my family happy and safe

Have six kids

Excellent career that I enjoy

With beautiful wife

The Flash is still favorite superhero

Retired from successful YouTube Account

Uses the best resources I can get for my family

Delightful house and cabin

Eight dogs

Architect as Career

Uses advanced technology

Matthew Trudeau Kindergarten Acrostic Poem

Made funny jokes

Adorable like a puppy

Terrified of everything

Timid at school

Hat collector

Eat a lot

Wolfe Elementary school

The Flash is favorite superhero

Read a lot of books

Used a lot of excuses

Dog named Nanook

Eat anything if told to do so

A lot of trips to Utah

Used laughter for personal benefits