Arts Middle School Summer Update

Friday, August 10th, 2018

Hello Arts Middle Families,

Thank you to all the families that came out to Tico's, The Jerk Pit, and Bushnell Park! If you have any questions or concerns, please call the school at (860) 724-0685.
Arts Middle Home Visits 2018

School Hours

The school hours have changed for the upcoming school year.

  • Student Drop-Off is 7:25 - 7:30
  • Student Pick-Up is 2:35

Important Dates

Wednesday, August 22nd - Schedule pick-up and walk the school 9-2. This is an optional event if you would like to get a hard copy of your schedule and see the school. Teachers will not be available. You will be able to see your class schedule in Powerschool on this date.

Wednesday, August 29th - First Day of SCHOOL!!!!!!

Monday, September 3rd - No school - Labor Day

Tuesday, September 11th - Back to School Night from 6 - 8

Wednesday, September 12th - Half day - dismissal at 12:00

Phone Policy

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Dress Code

Student dress may be regulated and students are encouraged to dress in clothing appropriate to the school situation. Restrictions on freedom of expression may be applied whenever the mode of dress is unsafe, disruptive or contrary to law.

Any school dress which impairs safety or increases the risk of injury to self or others, causes discomfort to others, causes distraction or disruption of the learning environment, advertises or advocates the use of alcohol or drugs, pornography, or inherently contains unreasonable potential to upset and hurt others is prohibited.

All students are expected to dress appropriately and to maintain personal appearance reflecting the high standards of Arts Middle. In order to maintain an environment conducive to the learning process the items listed below from being worn during the school day. Violations of the school’s dress code lead to disruptions of the learning process and are therefore subject to progressive disciplinary action. Students in violation of the dress code must correct the violation or remain out of the student population until a parent is able to bring in suitable clothing.

— Headphones and ear buds are not allowed in classrooms, the hallway, or bathrooms

— Cell phones are not allowed in classrooms, the hallway, or bathrooms

— Hats, hoods, wave caps, headbands, kerchiefs, bandanas, curlers (unless headwear is part of a student’s religious practice) should be placed in the student’s locker upon arriving to school

— Any clothing marked with obscene, suggestive language, or indecent pictures, writing, inappropriate slogans, sexually suggestive and/or drug/alcohol advertisements

— Any item that may be used as a weapon or which may present a safety hazard to the student, other students or staff

News from the office

Parents, please be sure to complete your online Power School registration. If you did not receive it, please contact our office at 860-724-0685.

Please see below for information on Food Services and free/reduced meals.

Free/Reduced Online Application:

Information on Food Services:



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