Turner's Syndrome

By : Andrea, Rachel, George

What is Turner syndrome?

genetic disorder of females where they don't have the usual pair of x chromosomes.Can't have childrenNot passed from parent to childChild can't recieve it from an affected parent

Medical Symptoms

1. Lymphedema (swelling of hands and feet)2. Heart/Kidney defects3. High blood pressure4. Infertility

What are the treatments?

1. horomone replacement therapy2. teens- growth horomones3. low doses androgens (male horomones)4. female horomone estrogen to promote normal sexual developement

affects and sexual development

1. failed to start puberty at right time2. stock appearance, arms an elbows turned out slightly3. receeding lower jaw4. short webbed neck5.hairline at the back of the neck

Intresting Facts

1. affects 60,000 females in the us2. 1 of every 2000 to 2500 babies born, with about 800 new cases diognosed each year3. averaged height = 4ft 8inch.4. 75 to 80% of cases, the single x chromosome comes from the mothers egg; the fathers sperm that fertilizes the egg is missing its sex chromosome5. 20% - one x chromosome is abnormal; shaped liked a ring or missing some genetic material, 30%- only missing the x chromosome in some of their cells.  Mosaicism- mixed chromosome patern6. SHOX- one of the missing genes on the x chromosome; responsible for long bone growth.