Welcome to the art room! I have created this newsletter for you to experience what is taking place inside our art room. You will be able to find all the information you need about grading, schedule, and contact info here.

Classroom Conditions

There are a few behavioral practices to keep in mind when participating in any art activity. In order for masterpieces to be created students should sit in assigned seating arrangements, listen to the person addressing class, be responsible with art materials, have good manners and appropriate language, use indoor voices, and follow directions.

Grading Policies

Most all projects will be completed in class. Occasionally work will be sent home if more time is needed.

I DO NOT base my assessments on the students ability to draw or paint. I want each of my student's to enjoy their time in the art room regardless of how talented they are.

Below are the grades that will be on your child's report card. I have given a brief description of each letter. An 'S' is not bad in Art!

E-Excellent- The child has taken the lesson creatively further in their expression.
S-Satisfactory- The child has completed all requirements to the best of their ability.
N- Needs Improvement- The child is not yet working to their fullest potential.

Current Assignment

Banyan Tree

Inspired by the Banyan Tree, students are creating their own painting of a Banyan Tree using black tempera paint. We will be using oil pastels for the background. Each section will include two analogous colors blended together.

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9 Week Schedule

Contact Information