Tempo di Riforma (1517-1685)

Sheccid Ontiveros

Queen Elizabeth I

Elizabeth was born from Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Anne was executed when Elizabeth was two and a half years old. Mary, Elizabeth's sister, was the queen of England and was Roman Catholic. Elizabeth was imprisoned for almost a year for supporting the Protestant rebels. Eventually Elizabeth became the queen. One of her first moves as a queen was establishing the English Protestant church. Now it is called the Church of England. Thanks to Elizabeth, protestant is the official big religion of England. Everyone expected Elizabeth to get married and continue the throne in the family but she never did. Now we call the time of Elizabeth the Elizabeth Era, it is more famous then all the other times in the Renaissance/Reformation for the English. Elizabeth has been one of the most powerful woman in the world.

Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany

On October 31,1517 Martin Luther went to the doors of the Castle Church and nailed a couple of papers with the 95 theses against the Roman Catholic church which begin the protestant reformation. He says that they are doing many things wrong such as the indulgences. Now the castle is a Lutheran church. The Romans made the castle a while back. They started the indugences because they needed funds for St. Peters Basilica of Rome and eventually they got worse with the indulgences. Martin Luther and most of the protesters were against the indulgences.


The counter-reformation was a when the Roman Catholic church reformed. They did more spirtual movemonts and religious orders. The priest got proper training so they have proper mass ceremony's. They ended indulgence and power obsessions. They still have the 7 sacrements. This impacted us because the Roman Church may have lost all there people but still it is the biggest religion. They now focus in their faith and the pope is a really respectful and good person. Their mass is not in Latin anymore but in your language. The Roman Catholic church was destroyed or the oppisite but changed for the better.