The Typical Middle Schooler

Presented by: Juan Ruiz


In this experiment I survey 50 average middle school students including my self. In the follow below you will see that of what a average middle schoolers favorite genre of music and also I asked them their age. The data below is quite mystifying to me and maybe to you too.

A middle schoolers favorite music genre

In this pie graph there is blue: Dubstep,Red: Rap, & orange: Pop. It seems that rap is favorited more than Dubstep and Pop with a percentage of 38.1%. 2nd there is Dubstep which is pretty favorable and also my favorite. Dubstep has a percentage of 33.3%. Last on our chart is Pop. I can see how pop is last due to the horrible songs produced these days. Pop has a percentage of 28.6%.

Ages of a typical middle schooler

The ages of 11,12,13 are the ones listed on here. The one in yellow is 12 which is the dominate age for middle schoolers. The age 12 comes with the percentage of 75%.The one in blue is the age 11 with a total of 16.7%.Finally theres the age 13 with a total of 4%.


Over this experiment was overall very interesting! I got very interesting results of the music genres and ages! At first I thought it was just gonna be 12 year old just liking pop and rap but then I new that some people actually listen to dubstep as much as I do. My mean median,range, and modes supirsed me too! My mean for the music genres is 115, median is 14, range is 4 and mode well there is no mode. For my ages they were different in some parts but only 1 was the same. The mean is 26, median is 4,range is 38, and mode well there is no mode. I hope I get to do a experiment in the future like this!