The name of my country is Swaziland. Swaziland is in Africa, it is 6,704 square miles and has a population of 1,493,362. The bordering countries are South Africa and Mozambique. Its capitol is Mbabane. The offical language is Siswati. The government type is Monarchy, that means they have a king and they are born a king,unlike America where we vote. The Euro is their money type. Religions in that are practiced in Swaziland are Zionist,Roman Catholism,and Muslim.

Swaziland Is A Poor Country

You might not see a lot of Euro in many towns. The ethnic in Africa are African and European. 97% African and 3% European. Literacy rate for a male is 82.6 and for a female is 80.8,total of 81.6. The life expectancy is 49 in Africa. Thats like 1/4 of are expectancy rate!!


Types of food that they eat are Sikonyane and Slaai. Holiday they have are:

  • April 25th/ National Flag Day
  • September 6th/ Independence Day
  • December 26th/ Boxing Day

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