Nathan steid

About me project

10 nice things about me

Jasalyn said I am a nice person,Spencer said I am a really good friend, Elijah said that I have a very cool personality, Jay said your are chill,Jose said your helpful,

My Two favorite people

One of my favorite people,is my grandma she is one if my favorite people because she is taking care of me and rising me because my parents can't that's why my grandma is one of my favorite people.

Another one is even longoria Evan is one of my favorite people because he is a big role model and he gives back to the community by going to schools and helping abandoned dogs and other stuff

My three favorite belongings

One is a military knife that my great grandpa got from ww2

Another one is a hat that my dad got me for Christmas

Another one is my phone

One of my favorite smells

My favorite smell is that smell of cut grass because it reminds me of my grandpa

A moto

No pain no gain