How Ore Pacificus' Military Works

Which Historical Army are We Like?

Ore Pacificus' Military

Ore Pacificus' military is inspirational at times, with their moods after a failed conflict still high. They will try harder. They will be better. It's always something to see, they know what to improve, how to improve. Something not everybody sees.

Ore Pacificus' Military is Based off of the Roman Army

I know this article is short and that is nice at times. I know our readers don't like to talk about the military since we came to Terrarum and Ore Pacificus to keep peace but, it is difficult at times.

Like I said, the Roman Army is the main inspiration for Ore Pacificus. Not in the, "I will conquer everything" way but more the fact the army is always looking at strategy. The Roman Army is also famous for their tenacity, the ability to fight back after failing. We're also very innovative, just like them. With our strategy and innovations, we usually win but the military hasn't been needed for a very long time which we all appreciate.

Some differences are our uniform. We don't use flamboyant outfits with red and gold. We use camouflaged chest plates, black pants, combat boots, camouflaged jackets. and camouflaged helmets.

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