South Dakota

Land of Mount Rushmore


Get ready to move to South Dakota! Well, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, we are off !!! South Dakota is a place anyone would love to go. Mount Rushmore is located in South Dakota. The capital of South Dakota is Pierre. South Dakota has three major regions that include the Central Lowlands, Great Plains, and the Black Hills. Wool is a livestock product, some of the major crops are corn, soybeans and wheat. South Dakota’s ranchers raise cattle, hogs and sheep. They also mine gold, granite, sand, gravel, and zeolite.


There is lots of culture here in South Dakota too! Many people in South Dakota enjoy sailing on the great lake the lake is so huge. The cowboy tradition is kept alive by having things called rodeos, rodeos are things in a carnival they are very famous and lots of people ride bulls and try to stay on that is fun to watch. Some Native Americans in South Dakota belong to the Sioux nation, European Americans in south Dakota are mostly descended from Norwegian, German, Irish, Czech and English settlers. South Dakota is growing rapidly in Rapid City, Sioux Falls.They celebrate with pow wows and they also do dancing and singing and drumming. South Dakota’s state bird is the Ring Necked Pheasant. The state flower is called Pasque Flower.

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