The Role of Chatbots in E-commerce

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The e-commerce industry is constantly evolving and competition is becoming tougher than every day. E-commerce store owners need a USP to differentiate them from the crowd.

To set your e-commerce brand apart from the rest, you need to foster a better shopping experience and streamline a vast matrix of customer interactions. Chatbot Technology can do all these things easily.

What is Chatbot Technology?

A chatbot is a software that interacts with users, answers queries and requests etc. in a conversational format. This is in assistance with UI language like voice, text etc. and graphics like images, buttons, menus etc.

Now let’s talk about how chatbot application helps e-commerce businesses.

Make the Customer Interaction Better

In a study by Sprout Social, it stated almost 89% of messages requiring a response are ignored by brands, with an average wait of 10 hours for those that get a reply.

Chatbot web service can improve customer interaction

  • Being a virtual assistant, chatbot conversation is done by identifying the requirements of consumers and give a personalized feel. This is because chatbots can recognize the typing pattern of each customer and make a conversation accordingly.
  • Chatbots act just like salesmen at any store. They keep track of buyers’ history and whenever there is a returning customer, they suggest products by saying “You may also like this”.

eBay’s ShopBot is an ideal example of a virtual chatbot that gives fantastic customer experience, minimizing waiting time and, as a result, driving great sales.

Stay Available for Customers 24/7/365

Consumers can have a conversation with chatbots, resolve their queries or ask anything anytime for as long as they want because virtual chatbots never sleep. They are available 24/7 and 365 days. Artificial intelligence chatbot can give solutions to basic queries about products and do not get overwhelmed, and frazzled like human salespersons if there are various inquiries happening at the same time.

Manage Your Online Store Hassle-freely

Besides interacting with customers, chatbot programming can be utilized to keep track of your store’s inventory, allowing you and your customers to be aware of a specific item that might be in low stock at your online store. Likewise, chatbot application can also be programmed to help businesses know which products need to be restocked or sold faster.

How to Build a Chatbot?

There are plenty of chatbot development platforms out there for building chatbots that accommodate all skill levels. These are Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, etc.

Some require basic coding, but many have simple drag-and-drop models for chatbot development. This is mainly for those without programming experience.

Get Your Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Here!

In short, chatbot applications give a helping hand to business operations, saving a great amount of your time and effort in managing your online store. Virtual chatbots or a chatbot for a website can do great for businesses to understand their customers better and provide excellent and timely customer service. If you want your chatbot web service, visit or get in touch with BoTreeTechnologies today.