ArtBeat 14

November 28, 2022. Updates from the Academic Arts team


Welcome to Dance CD1, CD2, K4, 1D, 2D, and 4D!!

A Look Ahead: This coming week will we will create our own class SOAR expectations and movement to go with each one.

Highlights from Last Week: Getting to meet each new class and new dance students. We were able to get started on our SOAR dance expectations and even dance a little :)

Reminders: Please remember if your child has dance to wear clothing that is great for moving while still keeping in mind the NCCAE dress code. As well as shoes that can easily come on and off.

Can't wait to see how this new group of students will grow in dance class! Mrs. Majewski


Welcome to Drama Class Second Quarter with Mx. Flannery at NCCAE!

A Look Ahead: Next unit is "Using the Mind and Body in Drama Class." Talk to your child about ways they can control their body and focus their mind in a classroom.

Highlights from Last Week: Last unit was SOARing in Drama Class. Ask your child how they can be safe, organized, always respectful, and responsible in Drama Class.

Reminders: Ask your child about how they can SOAR to help the class earn 21 Stars for a party and earn an owl buck for the Hootie Train. Give your child a photo of your family to bring to class to posted on the Drama Class Wall.

General Music

A Look Ahead: Beat vs. Rhythm and Reading Rhythm

  • 5th Grade, 4th Grade, and 3rd Grade will be introduced to what rhythms are, and how we read them. By the end of the week students will be able to read rhythmic notation by sight using a variety of instruments and musical styles.
  • 2nd Grade, 1st Grade, and Kindergarten will learn that their is a difference between steady beat and rhythm. Students will be able to tell what part of a song is the steady beat, and what part is the rhythm. We will use a variety of instruments and folk songs throughout the unit!

Highlights from Last Week:

  • Last week our 5th, 4th, & 3rd Grades learned all about the lines and spaces in the musical staff. Students quickly mastered naming and playing the different notes. Great job!
  • Ask your student what they missed about music during the break!

Reminders: Continue to encourage students to work towards classroom goals and rewards.

Visual Art

A Look Ahead: group collaboration, papier-mache, braided bracelets

Highlights from Last Week: stylized landscapes, glazing ceramics, pinch pots

Reminders: Art can play many roles in a child's life. If your student wants to develop their talents more fully than our class time allows, please feel free to reach out to me at to find out what additional activities might be helpful.

Physical Education

.A Look Ahead: Students in grades 3-5 will be playing the scooter game called Broomball. Students in K-2 will be playing scooter games learning how to move on scooters in various directions.

Highlights from Last Week: Students last week jumped rope for exercise by trying to meet a goal number of jumps and tried to see if they could also get the high number for jumps in the class!

Reminders: Students should wear sneakers on the day they have PE class.