Mobile Apps for the Classroom

EDU 210

I. NASA app

The NASA app contains images, videos, mission information, news, feature stories, and tweets that inform users of NASA's inner-workings.

This app allows students to explore the universe and further their education about space. This app can be used in a science course where students can navigate the solar system and beyond. Students can view over 14 000 images and be kept up-to-date with current missions and discussions about space.
NASA Releases "NASA App HD" for iPad

II. Duolingo

Duolingo is another app that teaches users other languages through a point system. The app breaks different subjects into separate section. The app teaches Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, and English.

If students are taking a French class or studying most other foreign languages, they can use this app to study after class or get ahead. It provides extra practice. Teachers could even assign homework like doing the business section for next class.
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Duolingo Intro

III. Learn C++

Learn C++ teaches how to program with the C++ language for beginners or more experienced programmers. C++ progresses through levels and points.

This app is interesting because programming is not often taught in high schools and it definitely should be! For a high school that does teach an intro class to programming this app would be really great for beginners to attain the basic information needed.
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IV. PhotoMath

PhotoMath is a camera calculator where you point your phone camera to a math problem in your textbook and the app outputs the answer with the steps included.

This is a really incredible app that can help students in a math class learn how to solve a difficult question given that the steps on how it is solved is included. Because the back of Math textbooks often only include the answer, this app allows students to see how it is actually solved.
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V. Coursera

Coursera is an app that connects users with university level courses. From some of the top universities you can access lectures from great professors across a wide variety of sources.

This is an app that can be used in a k-12 system for students that are ambitious and want to expand their reach into a subject they are interested in. It also provides students with different perspectives and ideas from experts. For example if a student wants to delve deeper into a mathematical concept that is only touched upon in the classroom, they can search for it using this app.
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