My Year At A Glance

Westley Brown

My year at a glance

My sophomore year was probably one of the most challenging but appreciated school years of my life. I spent the entire first semester at a private school, which was kind of a struggle because they had a different system of handling things with their education, they were more strict when it came to rules, and always had a problem with me for the littlest things. After the Christmas break ended, my parents decided to transfer me back to Frenship because they knew it would be better for me, but at the same time it threw things off of my schedule and I had to continue to take certain classes that some sophomores don't get to take, plus all of the classes I had were ahead with teaching their topics and lessons while the whole time when I was at private school learning stuff that I should have learned way before at the time. On the bright side I got to meet three people that would soon later become my best friends because we all got really close and had one thing in common; we were all from different public schools. I still remember all the times we had like it was yesterday, it's defenitley something I'll remember forever and if I never would have went their in the first place, then I probably never would have met my best friends.