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Projecting Projectiles

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.”

—Kahlil Gibran

The arrow does the damage, it hits the target and reaps the reward; however, the strong propulsion behind the arrow is the component on which the reward relies. As we project our students/arrows forward into graduation or the upcoming ACT tests, we hope for the best for them. The reality is that the make up of our bows/educators is far stronger than we realize. Especially through the collaboration and attention to detail we undoubtedly project our students to a success that helps them to hit their target and do maximum "damage". We understand that we do this with a lot of humility and not a lot of recognition; however, that is why we are educators. We have all chosen to be in a selfless profession that propels others towards excellence, for that, I thank you!

Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (2/16, 17, 18)-Juniors to math during guided reading and Wrangler Time for ACT Prep
  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday (2/22, 24, 25)-Juniors to math during guided reading and Wrangler Time for ACT Prep
  • Tuesday (2/23)-Rachel's Challenge Assembly/PHS Auditorium link to Schedule
  • Thursday (2/26) - PTCs/HS Gym 4-8 PM
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Excuse me, Stewardess...I speak Warembourgese

Mr. Warembourg's AP English class creates an environment were a separate dialect is spoken that relies on a lexicon of literary devices, analytical thoughts, and sharing of ideas. His students are able to a generate and test hypotheses on a variety of works of literature from poetry to prose and comment and write on the various themes that they encompass, while at the same time justifying their claims by utilizing the various texts. Put simply, Mr. Warembourg's class is laying the foundation for the future thinkers and problem solvers of our society. With a heavy emphasis on learning to think rather than what to think, Mr. Warembourg navigates our future graduates through the enigma of life using great works of literature as their road map.

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