The Bilingual Coach's Corner

January 2015

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Happy New Year!

Welcome 2015, let's make it the best year ever!

What is your New Year's resolution for your classroom?

As we begin the new year and the second semester, what goals do you hope to reach with your students? Are there any practices that you hope to change or solidify? Are there areas where you would like to grow your practice?

Your coaches can help! Be sure to reach out and set up a time to engage in a coaching cycle around an area that you would like to grow your practice.

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¡Felicitaciones to the Premios Bilingüe winners!

Feña, el Salmón - dedicada, perseverante, trabajadora, no se rinde. Se adapta del agua dulce al agua salada sin problema.

Ilia, el Cachorrito - nueva a FPG, aprende 'trucos nuevos' fácilmente, incorpora ideas y estrategias diferentes para ayudar a sus estudiantes. Es dulce y siempre positiva.

Olivia, the Beaver - always looking at her 'dam data' to identify the specific needs of students in order to target instruction and make lessons meaningful for students.

Karen, el Búho - Al igual que éste animal, es muy flexible ante los cambios y también tiene el cuello flexible y lo mueve para todos los lados para poder ver lo que esta pasando a su alrededor.(tomando selfies de toda ocasión :) Siempre tranquila en su árbol, nada la alborota y se mantiene positiva.

Larisa, el Loro - implementa actividades para hacer que los niños conversen en clase y tengan comprensión de textos mediante conversaciones profundas.

Margarita, la Gata - curiosa frente la tecnología, se anima a implementar programas tecnológicos en sus clases.

Gaby, Jaimee & Mary, the Ox Peckers - these teachers have a true mutually beneficial relationship with their teachers. They work together and look out for each other in order to ensure the best instruction possible for the students they serve.

Louise, the Book Work - supports teachers and coaches with literacy materials any day, and time and with a smile.

2nd grade - Copa Bilingüe - the Sail Fish - This team works together to problem solve, find materials, and support each other in implementing units of study.

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Middle of Year Benchmarks

The window for Middle of Year Benchmarks is as follows:

Grades K-3 - January 7-16 (Please be sure to start with TRC first, and then move to your other assessments)

Grades 4/5 - January 5-16

If you need any help or have concerns, please be sure to reach out to Melody!

Thanks in advance to all the specialists that will be providing support to teachers to ensure all students are tested within the window.

Literacy focus for this term

Our PD focus will be WRITING.

We will begin with writing about reading and then move to instructional strategies to support students in a variety of writing scenarios. Please mark your calendars for the following dates!

January 20 and February 16 - Professional Development 8-12

January 27 and February 24 - Self-selected during-school professional development (more details to come soon!)

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The importance of TA's to support literacy instruction!!!

Using comprehensibility inputs in our lessons

As we walk around the building, we have noticed how all teachers at our school are implementing strategies that promote second language learning!

The use of realia, TPR, visuals, charts, graphic organizers, and other effective resources are being used on a daily basis at our school!


Celebrating reading!

KG finished their last unit with a special event: "Character Day". After reading several fairy tales and analyzing the characters, setting and events, students came dressed in their favorite character!

A fantastic way to celebrate learning!

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Luz & Melody