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February 2021

Upcoming Events - February

No School - February 15 & 16

Parent/Teacher Conferences - February 18 & February 22

From the Principal

Parent/Teacher Conferences are a great time to check in on how your child or children are doing in regards to our McKinley School Improvement Goals. In the area of literacy and math, we want our students to score in the 'low risk' category on our assessments throughout the year. By the end of the school year, we will also be looking for each student to make at least one year's growth on these assessments as well. If our students are scoring in the 'low risk' category, that means that they are on target to meet their literacy and math goals by the end of the school year. Some things to discuss during the parent teacher conferences with their classroom teachers to help them to reach their literacy and math goals are:

Where are your child's areas of strengths?

What are the areas that they are struggling in?

What goals can be set to help them to reach their goals?

What can be done at home to help them?

We look forward to hearing from you at conference time!





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We are McKinley

McKinley Students of the Month for December

McKinley Students of the Month have their picture posted, and are awarded certificates and medals by staff members based on academic excellence, leadership qualities, outstanding attendance, and observance of the Wildcat Way. Congratulations to our December recipients!


Loki Battle

Grade 1

Odalla Kolo

Grade 2

Taven Gores

Grade 3

Ava Valder

Grade 4

Henry Oberholtzer

Grade 5

Steven Parker

Winter Weather

Reminder...please dress your students warmly. If the temperature does not exceed -15 below zero wind chill, we will go outside for the entire recess break! Each class is outside for 20 minutes.

Fargo Public Schools Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten Registration for Fall 2021 opens online at on February 1, 2021. Child must be age 5 by July 31, 2021 to attend school in the fall.

Registration is a two-step process: online registration and document submission.

STEP ONE: Complete online registration forms at For assistance, please contact your child's school to schedule an appointment to complete in-person. (Masks are required for all visitors.)

STEP TWO: Upload or bring the following documents to your child's school before August 25 to finalize registration:

  • Child’s certified birth certificate
  • Child’s current immunization record
  • Document (i.e. current city utility bill or bank statement) that includes parent/guardian name and address to verify the correct neighborhood school

If you do not know which school your child will attend, call 701.446.1043 or check online at

Questions? If you need PowerSchool help, please call 446-1030.

From the School Counselor

Counseling Corner

I would like to introduce my practicum student, Stacie Moffit to McKinley. She will be with me on Thursdays until the end of the school year. As a practicum student, she will be under my direct supervision throughout interactions in the classroom, individual and group counseling situations.

Hello! My name is Stacie Moffitt, and I am a graduate student at the University of North Dakota. I am working on my Master’s in School Counseling and will be working with Jill Linnell this spring. I have worked in the Fargo Public Schools for the past 10 years as a classroom teacher, reading specialist and para-educator. Through my experience at McKinley elementary, I will be providing some individual counseling, group counseling, and learning about the roles of a school counselor. I look forward to being at McKinley every Thursday to work with the students and staff.

February Guidance Lessons

This month we will continue to work on emotion management skills. All students will be learning how to manage their feelings by using the Calming Down Steps: Stop; Name your feeling; Calm down-using belly breathes, counting and positive self-talk. Identifying feelings is an important part of effective emotion management. Focusing attention on your body gives you clues about how you are feeling. Thinking about your feelings helps the thinking part of your brain get back in control. Relaxation and belly breathing can slow the heart rate and help students stay in control of their feelings. Staying in control of your emotions and actions helps you get along better with others and be successful at school.

Jill Linnell

School Counselor

Stacie Moffitt

Practicum Student

Trollwood Performing Arts School

Trollwood Performing Arts School 2021

Summer Registration Open

Get ready to Color Your Summer! Trollwood Performing Arts School is excited to welcome students back to the stage with a full array of 2021 summer performing arts educational opportunities. 2020 was a difficult year for those who are passionate about performing arts. Many classes and performances were canceled due to COVID-19. Upcoming summer arts programming will help students rekindle their affection for the arts, boost their creativity, and pave the way for their future, whether they aspire to pursue a career in the arts or any other professional opportunities. Click this link to register. Click this link to view the full programming brochure.

Winter Activities

Get out and enjoy some fun winter activities with your family!

Take a blanket and a cup of hot cocoa and sit outside on your front porch

Go ice-skating

Head out on a photo expedition and take winter picture scenes

Feed the birds or go bird watching

Make s’mores as a fun winter snack

McKinley Elementary

Cheryl Janssen, Principal

Jill Linnell, Counselor

Romelle Speral, Administrative Assistant