Jesse Woodson James

By: Meghan Van Ness

Jesse Woodson James

The person I will be talking about is Jesse James. If you think I'm talking about the acting you are "dead" wrong. He was an outlaw... He robbed trains, and banks. At the age 22 he robbed the Davies county savings and killed the cashier even tho that wasn't his first act of violence this lead him to the life of a outlaw. This was the first time he saw his name in a paper saying they wanted him dead or alive for a price.

Jesse James

Jesse James became a legend within his lifetime because all the daring crimes he committed. Supposedly out of revenge how the union soldiers treated him and his family and rest of the town. Once he became an outlaw it stunned the growth of the town but he didn't just stop there. He loved the outlaw life it was hard for him to settle with his wife.

James death

There was suspicion he had faked his own death. They suspected someone was buried in his grave.. They had scientists check and there was a 62% chance it was him people still wonder till this day if he faked his own death. People may never truly know what happened to Jesse Woodson James

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