Lauters' Different tales

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how a man named Pattyapple made fairy tale history

Once there was a librarian. She had a son. Her son's name was Brian the great. The librarian wanted to seem important, so she told the mayor of Mitchellville that her son could spin gold out of thread.
Now, the mayor was a lady, and loved gold of all shape and sizes. So she wanted Brain the great to come spin gold.
So, the mayor called brain the great and demanded him to spin a whole room of thread to gold or it would be his death.
Brain the great went over to the mayor's house, and went to the room which was quite full of thread.
Then, he started weeping.
he was quite ashamed of himself, for the kids at school would surely make fun of him if they knew what was happening.
Then, a small woman came in through the window and said, "Why are you crying, my dear?"
Brain the great then explained that he would have to spin a room full of gold, or he would die, but he didn't know how.
"What shall you give me if I do it for you?" The elf of a woman asked.
"The pack of gum in my pocket."
The woman hesitated, but said, "That'll have to do."
So she started spinning, and by morning there was a room full of gold.
The mayor was so pleased be this, that she said, "Spin another room of gold or it'll cost you your life."
And again he started weeping, and the woman came again.
"what will you give me if I spin gold again?"
"The bag 'round my shoulder." He replied.
So, again she spun the gold, and the mayor was so greedy, that she said, "Do it again, and if you do, you shall live with me."
So, the woman came once again and asked what he would give her.
"I don't have anything more." he answered.
"Then you shall give me the first hundred dollars you are given from work."
Brain the great did not know what else to do, so he said yes.
So, she spun.
Years later he earned one hundred dollars and the woman apeared.
"Give me it!" She cried!
Brain was scared, and the woman felt bad, so she said, "I f you can find out my name, then you can keep the money."
So he guessed every name he could, but it wasn't right.
Finally, she went home, and Brain followed her. then, he heard he sing, "Today I cook, tomorrow I don't, for I'll have servents to do so with his one hundred dollars!"
I' glad that no one knows that my name is Pattyapple!"
Brain was real glad and soon guessed that exact name, and Pattyapple screamed with rage and screamed so loud that she ripped herself in two.