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February 9, 2020: Qtr. 3

Good Morning!

I have awakened just a little bit blurry-eyed after the Winter Wonderland Dance last evening. We had a good night and thanks to Alex Marling and Candace Hannah for organizing. It gave our students an opportunity to get dressed up and have a safe evening.

This Friday we have our district PD Sessions at Dublin Coffman. Hopefully, you have chosen some sessions that will give you information to apply in your classroom. The afternoon is yours to utilize as a workday. I hope you are able to get caught up or ahead and will enjoy the long weekend.

Thank you for all you do and please let us know if you need anything.

Have a great week!


Celtic Kudos!

Diane Krueger: Diane has been a wonderful addition to our staff. She brings such positive energy to the portables. Her decoration skills are top-notch :). I feel like I should be the one checking on her during her first year in the building, but she goes out of her way to see how I am doing. She has been so supportive of me this year. I am lucky to work next to someone so caring and concerned for the happiness of others. (~Heather Anthony)

I would like to recognize Diane for all her hard work and investment throughout this year. First years and transition years are especially challenging. She is doing an outstanding job of bringing her A game for all students, all the time. We are lucky to have her. (~Heidi Clark)

Ron Bookmyer: Ron has stepped up and helped me and our department during one of the busiest times of the year. He has gone in during the weekends to help Pat prepare for his class while Pat is dealing with the loss of his mother. He also took the initiative to fill in for our dept as the flu has cycled around. Ron has personally helped me with our field trip for the Jefferson Series to New Albany. Thanks to Ron for helping and doing it as a colleague and friend! (~Matt Martin)

Thanks for sharing! Keep sending those kudos!

Celtic Kudos

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SEL Focus Sem. 2

Self Management: "Regulate emotions and behaviors by using thinking strategies that are consistent with brain development."

Reflection Questions This Week:

1. Have you checked in on a colleague to see how they are doing?

2. Can you take a moment and have a conversation with at least one student each period to check in?


Michele Trisler has been meditating with her students this year--approximately once a week using the Calm app. They like it and ask to do it if we get busy with a project or if they're feeling stressed.

FYI: Lebron James has a series now on Calm and it's awesome. The kids loved it this morning. He is giving them real strategies for regulating feelings and behaviors.


This month on Instagram and Twitter we will have a "You are loved" series about the students and staff of Dublin Jerome. Each day we will celebrate a new group or individual. There are some other surprises as well, but if you are interested in following along you can here:

Instagram or Twitter: @dublinjeromehs

Growth, Reflection, Learning

National survey: Students’ feelings about high school are mostly negative

Very much an interesting read. Don't let the title deter you. There is some insightful pieces of information.

Resources and Ideas

Top 15 Graphic Organizers

General Updates

1. Quick Hit Items

1. Staff Party: Friday, February 21 5:30-9:30 PM

  • Top of the Tavern (private party room on top floor of Park Street Tavern) 501 Park Street, Columbus 43215
  • This celebration event is for all staff members and significant other.
  • $8 per person/$16 per couple (pays for heavy appetizers and tip for food prep; drinks available for purchase)
  • RSVP below no later than February 14 and pay $ to Barb Bailey or Jaime Stewart no later than February 20.
  • Any questions? See Jaime Stewart


  • Make sure you mark your calendar for Be Well 2 on Feb. 29! Please click on this link for details:

  • Sign up for a Be Well 2 Book Talk: Be Well 2 is our second partnership with Hilliard City Schools to offer our communities a forum for discussing student well-being and mental health. Next month, we will be conducting a community book talks about Jessica Lahey’s “The Gift of Failure.” You can sign up for a book talk at this link.

2. Reminders, Reminders...

1. Hall Passes: I know this will sound shocking but we have had an increase in wondering students when they ask to go to the restroom or see a teacher. If you could please give them a pass that will really assist us in trying to sort out who is supposed to be where and when.

2. Visibility and students in halls:
  • If you can be out in the halls between classes, greet kids, and be visible, it will be a great help. If you see a kid wondering it is OK to ask them where they are supposed to be.
  • Please keep your students in class until the bell rings.
  • If you are near a bathroom, please pop in every once and awhile. Just going in and being seen is a good deterrent.

3. Absences and Sub Plans

  • All schools around central Ohio continue to struggle with illness including Jerome. We have been pretty successful with our fill rates but they are always more successful the earlier put in. It is always easy for us to cancel or find something versus trying to cover. Please keep that in mind
  • Please be sure to have adequate sub plans so that we can keep your classes moving forward. If you don't have plans, it makes it difficult on the sub and your department.

4. Field Trips and bus requests: please submit 2 weeks prior to the trip date. Please understand that if you request inside of that window your trip could be denied.

5. Requisitions/POs: If you need to order something for your classroom or club, please submit 1-2 weeks prior to needing it. While we do our best to get items in a timely fashion, there is a process that takes a little time. Please see Ann Beaufore if you need help.

Thank you for your help with all of these matters! It is appreciated.

3. Panorama Staff Survey - Opens on February 24, 2020

On friday Bryan Buoni sent out an email about the staff survey that will be sent on Feb. 24. The survey will cover a series of questions that cover topics centered around the culture in your building, your growth as a professional, and educating students, to name a few. In total, this survey should take about 15 - 20 minutes to complete.

Please take the time to complete this survey. We take this feedback seriously and desire to improve.

4. Scheduling Timeline

Collection Timeline:

February 7,10&11 - 11th grade collection (U.S. Government classes)

February 12-21 - Residual schedule collections

Master Planning Meeting

Wednesday, Feb. 12th, 3-4pm

Library Ref. Room

Working Wedensday

Wednesday, Feb. 12th, 7:15am

8300 Hyland-Croy Road

Dublin, OH

Same Subject Meeting Time

PD Day

Friday, Feb. 14th, 8am-3pm

8300 Hyland-Croy Road

Dublin, OH

NO SCHOOL: President's Day

Monday, Feb. 17th, 3pm

8300 Hyland-Croy Road

Dublin, OH

Master Planning Meeting

Tuesday, Feb. 18th, 3pm

Library Reference Room

Working Wednesday

Wednesday, Feb. 19th, 7:15am

8300 Hyland-Croy Road

Dublin, OH

Same Subject Team Meeting

Staff Winter Party

Friday, Feb. 21st, 5:30-9:30pm

501 Park Street

Columbus, OH

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