Jemel Johnson

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The Tango is a form of dance that represents Argentina, and it became the country's music symbol. Nowadays the most popular music is folk, pop, and classical music. Also Cuarteto and Cumbria are different music styles that had began in the country and are now approved. Argentina has a holiday that I think is unique, Reyes Magos. This holiday takes place on January 6, The date marks the end of the twelve days of Christmas, and celebrates the Three Wise Men. They followed the North Star to find baby Jesus and with gifts of gold, myrrh, and frankincense baby Jesus. Also Argentina's state sport is Association Football which is another term for soccer. Argentina is one of the most important state that involves sports in the region, having the most medal count at the South American Games since 1978.


Argentina is the second largest country in South America. It's located in Southern South America to the east Chile the west of Uruguay. Argentina gets some snow in the southern and central areas of the country, because of the Andes Mountains. The high elevation causes high temperatures which creates the snow. Argentina spans a host of climatic zones. They're climate is different from the US, Buenos Aires climate has a southern hemisphere climate pattern. Summer lasts from December to February, and winter last from May to September.


Argentina's war was called the Dirty War, it began in 1976 and lasted for 7 years. Military and security forces searched for guerilla, or anyone believed to be associated with socialism. They were killed in an attempt to silence the opposition and break the determination of the guerrillas. The number of people believed to have been killed range from 9,089 to 30,000. Once the war ended Democratic government was restored, Congress passed a law to provide money to victims' families for the loss of loved ones during the military dictatorship.


Argentina is one of the wealthiest countries. The country is rich in natural resources such as fertile plains of the pampas, lead, zinc, tin, copper, iron ore, manganese, petroleum, uranium. Also Argentina's livestock, their cattle herds are among the world's finest. Sheep and grains have long been the support of Argentina's wealth also. As an exporter of wheat, corn, flax, oats, beef, mutton, hides, and wool, Argentina rivals the United States, Canada, and Australia. Its other agricultural products include oilseeds, lemons, soybeans, grapes, and tobacco. Argentina is the world's largest source of tannin and linseed oil, the Pampa is the nation's chief agricultural area.