Army-Navy 2015

The 12th Man Is Here!

West Point Society of the MidSouth's Army-Navy Party

Saturday, Dec. 12th, 1:30pm

1722 Bryn Mawr Cir

Germantown, TN

- Calling all USMA grads, parents, candidates, and fellow Army football fans... Come and watch the Army team Beat the HELL out of Navy!

- Kick off is at 2:00 pm CST (3:00 pm EST) and we'll stay until VICTORY

- The menu includes:

  • BBQ or fried chicken
  • Side dishes
  • Soft drinks, beer, wine, tea, and/or water
  • Go Army! sheet cake

- Please bring your favorite Army victory dessert or appetizer to share

- Cost: $10/person $40 max/family

- Membership fees will be accepted ($20/graduate)

- RSVP NLT 7 Dec 15 to John Snyder at or call 901.262.3980 or 901.758.2424. Please include the number of people who will attend/eat and plan to pay at the door.