EDRL 474 Assignment 1

Jennifer Austin

1. What are some advantages of writing both content and language standards for students to hear and see?

  • Literacy must be taught across all content areas
  • Helps students to activate their prior knowledge of the content
  • Teacher and student can know when student has achieved the objective
  • Makes class student-centered
  • Concrete objectives guide teaching and learning (Echevarria, Short, Vogt 2008)
  • The more students use academic language, the faster they develop language skills (Echevarria, Short, Vogt 2008)

Examples from a content area teacher

Student will be able to...
Scientist will be able to...
I will...
Create a visual that describes the parts of the Scientific Method
Give several examples of an observation
Define variable and control, discuss the purpose of these
Collect and identify examples of qualitative and quantitative data

How might written objectives affect teacher and student performance in the classroom?

  • Keeps teacher organized throughout the year so that they can come back to them the following school year
  • Gives students something to focus on immediately upon entering class
  • Helps content area teachers understand how the language of their content is used and needed to understand topics (Echevarria, Short, Vogt 2008)